Extra Fine Watercolor Tube, 15ml - King's Royal Blue

Brand: Daniel Smith


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Added: Oct. 2022

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Find your creative inspiration with the widest range of watercolors in the world - a total of 261 colors between the Extra Fine, PrimaTek and Luminescent lines. Formulated to meet and exceed the highest industry standards, every batch is analyzed for its performance qualities - lightfastness, color value, tinting strength, clarity, vibrancy, undertone, particle size, density and viscosity.

Paint everything you can imagine with vibrant and consistent Extra Fine colors that can be easily mixed for even more variations.

Extra Fine 15 Ml Tube

Daniel Smith's Extra Fine Watercolors come in 15ml tubes and are known for their exceptional quality and performance. Made with high-quality pigments, each color features excellent lightfastness and permanence. These highly concentrated watercolors provide rich and vibrant colors that are easy to mix and layer. The tubes are designed to prevent the paint from drying out, ensuring that the paint stays fresh and usable for a long time. Popular among artists and designers, Daniel Smith's Extra Fine Watercolors are suitable for use on various surfaces, such as paper and canvas, and are perfect for creating stunning and unique works of art.