Gedeo Molds, Geode Coaster (4pc)

Brand: Pebeo


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Added: Dec. 2023


GEODE COASTER MOULDS 4 UNITS: Silicone mould, gloss finish, to create high volumes of unique decorative objects. Non-sticky, flexible and self-releasing, they are easy to use and reusable. To be used together with resins, Gedeo-range plaster.

Tip: Add colours from the Fluid Pigment range to your resin preparation.

Discover Pebeo's Gedeo moulds, an essential choice for all your creative projects. These moulds offer exceptional advantages thanks to their design and versatility. Equipped with unique features, they allow you to create unbreakable, flexible and self-releasing moulding decorations, and to make multiple impressions in a single use.

Gedeo moulds have a shiny, smooth surface, adding an aesthetic and professional dimension to your creations. The details are precise and the finishes impeccable, allowing you to create unique, high-quality pieces.

Whatever material you want to use, such as Gedeo resins, light plaster or candle wax, these moulds are suitable for everyone. Their versatility gives you total freedom in your choice of materials, allowing you to bring your creative ideas to life.Cleaning these moulds is child's play. You can wash them easily by hand or simply place them in your dishwasher for quick and effective cleaning. No need to spend hours scrubbing and scraping to remove residue, so you can concentrate on your next art project.


For easy and successful creations, first choose your decorative idea, then the Gedeo molding material and finally the method of attachment.


  • Choose a pattern (size and thickness) according to your decorative idea.
  • Set up in a dry, ventilated and temperate area, on a horizontal and level work surface.
  • Evaluate the total quantity of product to be poured: measure the necessary volume by filling the chosen pattern with water and then pour into a measuring cup.
  • Prepare the chosen product according to the user's guide.
  • Pour the product into the clean and dry mold.
  • Allow to dry according to the time indicated in the user's guide of the chosen product. (Setting is progressive and variable depending on the ambient temperature).
  • Remove from mold.